I’ve probably said the words, “I’m dying a death by 1000 cuts,” about 1000 times lately. I let too many things get to me. If you’re also at your wit’s end because little things are killing you, maybe this will help.

What if your annoyances are caused by other people?

What if someone made you late, took your favorite mug, cut you off in traffic, set your keys down and now you can’t find them? You’re mad. But why?

It’s rude? They’re working against you? You see it as a “not fair” thing?

Oh, come on. That’s not it. …

I’m the ultimate physical, mental & spiritual mess cleaner

Nothing screams “waste of a college education” like being stuck on the porch wiping poo off the dog because he’s made a mess and can’t do it himself. Realizing this is what my life had come to, I was ticked off.

Muttering about my useless degree, I was (probably) too forcefully wiping off the back end of the giant fluff dog in the picture above.

Had I known I’d be handling bodies and bio-hazards because I have 4 kids, 2 dogs, and a rescue cat, I’d have ditched college to be…

Why I Suggest People Do More Than What They Love

When I talk to my young adult kids about their passions, I say to them, “Don’t be a one trick pony. Who are you outside of the thing you love?”

Here are a few things I ask and why I ask it:

1.You want to be an athlete? Injuries happen. Imagine being forced out of sports for months trying to rehab. What would you do to keep from going stir crazy? If your answer is “I don’t know,” find another hobby now, when you (or if this applies to your…

People saw grandiose vistas, but I saw….

It was a 300-foot drop. I saw somebody slide over the side. They died, broken.

My lips parted, but only air escaped. Like a mammoth in tar — dying by inches, I froze in place.

Thank God it wasn’t real.

Was to me. Enough to trigger a panic attack at the Grand Canyon.

Inexplicable how I’m the only one who saw potential disaster. People of all ages, races, from many places, walked the narrow path, “Terror Trail.” I swept my eyes around, resting on precipices people could oops — fall to die. So many drops.

I battled irrational thoughts, but…

Do you know why? What’s your role in someone else’s?

Some of us more mature (in age) folks know this catchy little saying. Some “newbies” don’t.

I realized my teen daughter didn’t and put a sticky note on her bathroom mirror to help her understand. She was having a hard time and couldn’t get her head around why she had this “hummingbird” of a person in her life for only a short bit. She thought they were pretty permanent, happy and hitting on all cylinders — but hummingbird left.

For a REASON is pretty simple: some people come to guide…

Please don’t “Bing” me anymore gifts


Bing brought us a present…

We didn’t know what to do

Dead lizard on the patio

Thank god it wasn’t two.

He possibly was a lost pet

This guy was long and thick

Meatier than the others

But too bad he wasn’t quick.

We love that Bing loves us

It’s cute he’ll bring a treat

Just wish it wasn’t dead bodies

Since guts & limbs aren’t sweet

Having never owned a cat before, there’s a lot to learn about having one. Like if they love you, they’ll bring gifts.

I’m late 40’s and never…

30 Years Later, I Still Believed the Dog Was Taken To a Farm

One of my brothers is an epic bullshitter. He can light up a room and make everybody laugh. His stories are rousing and rude, full of color commentary people typically don’t say aloud, especially in public. But I have to admit, they’re entertaining and so is he.

As a kid he was my source of all things “real.” If this brother said it, by god, it was gospel. I had better have believed it. He’d shake the truth into me if need be. From what happens to kids who don’t behave — to pieces of Halloween candy “only boys can…

I knew my oldest son was a different kind of kid the day he left for elementary school with a piece of cold lunch meat in his jeans. The front pocket. Ham specifically.

Not in a bag.

He left for school a different day with a hard-boiled egg in the outer flap of his backpack. No shell, just the egg, cold and naked.

Not in a bag.

Hearing this you’d assume he was sneaking food because he was never fed.

He was always fed.

He took “snacks” along with him- just in case- a lesson handed down from his portly…

You’d think as holidays start and families gather, for people who have lost loved ones, these times would be the hardest to get through.

They’re not.

Let me qualify that and throw an opinion at you.

It’s natural to feel the weighty absence during traditions when pivotal people are missing.

Pop isn’t sitting in his special chair. NaNa isn’t squeezing the grand kids. Uncle Frank isn’t asleep before 8 and Aunt Sue isn’t serving her pie. Their spirit might be present as you open presents, but there’s a hole where a human used to be.

The gathering feels empty. Hours…

Mike and I, the one the President called “a little guy.”

Met the King — The Bittersweet Day I Met a US President Who Personally Changed My Life

Politics don’t matter to me. They never have, to this day they still don’t. My attitude’s always been someone smarter than me needs to lead us, and for the most part, someone has.

Politics were the last thing on my mind January 10, 2010, standing in the top floor hospice room of MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

One of my older brothers, Mike, the police officer, was with me in the room. His wife, my son, our brother Jimmy, all hovered or…

Susan Wilson-Willis

Author/illustrator of Uh-oh Otter, The Flying Meatball & owner of Werzcat Books. Dog shelter volunteer, yoga teacher, mom of 4, @swilsonwillis. Austin, TX

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