I’ve probably said the words, “I’m dying a death by 1000 cuts,” about 1000 times lately. I let too many things get to me. If you’re also at your wit’s end because little things are killing you, maybe this will help.

What if your annoyances are caused by other people?

What if someone made you late, took your favorite mug, cut you off in traffic, set your keys down and now you can’t find them? You’re mad. But why?

It’s rude? They’re working against you? You see it as a “not fair” thing?

Oh, come on. That’s not it. …

Susan Wilson-Willis

Author/illustrator of Uh-oh Otter, The Flying Meatball & owner of Werzcat Books. Dog shelter volunteer, yoga teacher, mom of 4, @swilsonwillis. Austin, TX

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